EzPz CSGO Strats Free Edition

Description of EzPz CSGO Strats Free Edition This App features map neutral easy to follow strats for full buy rounds, Eco rounds and also includes Anti-Tilt strats for when your team is down in the dumps, use these to help get back in the game. This App is great for MM or any other PUG matches with its easy to follow strats that are quick to call. Take the hassel out of calling and let the App do the calling for you, which also gives your team an advantage by preventing the enemy team from guessing what strats or playstyle you are going to use since the strats are randomized! This is the FREE edition but for those who enjoy the app and would like to show support there is also a paid version which I will be updating and adding new content to it.

Download APK(1.19MB)

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